It’s crazy how often it feels like everyone knows more than you.

Actors are insecure because we’re supposed to be; it’s how we make characters real.

So…why do I keep hearing I’ve got to have a thick skin, while being vulnerable to the fragility of the process…?

It’s enough to make you bitter…

 ”First , let me dispel a few myths. ‘Auditions are about finding the best actor for the job.’ Get that out of your head…”- excerpt from Chapter 1, The Beginning

  Markus at Rider University

Good Morning Colorado-int. w/ Markus Flanagan from Markus Flanagan on Vimeo.

One Less Bitter Actor takes mentor’s approach to helping actors address all the unforseen issues that only come from living the actor’s life. Not the how-to so much as how-to-deal with the how-to.

“Your conduct with anyone on the crew will be passed along to anyone and everyone from the caterer to the casting dept.”- excerpt from Chapter 9- You’ve booked a job!


The Pat McMahon show w/ Markus Flanagan from Markus Flanagan on Vimeo.

“We drive ourselves nuts trying to apply normal logic to a business that doesn’t follow any such straight line of reasoning.”- excerpt from Chapter 1, The Beginning

This book is everything I wish I knew when I became an actor, and when I got my first job, my first series, my first movie, my third agent, etc. Everything that actors learn about making a living only comes in the form of on-the-job training. Consider this to be the first training manual written for every hurdle you will face.

“There is a popular movement among today’s big stars to portray themselves as unwitting benefactors of the world’s lust for their participation on screen. There are no reluctant stars, only ones who pretend to be.” – Chapter 3, Hype

Every actor is looking for the magic formula that will make their success happen faster. Bad advice is everywhere. This book dispels the annoying myths and answers the odd, nagging, intangible questions that only come up when you’re in the pursuit of making a living as an actor. The things that make you lose your mind with uncertainty.

” always looks like success is easier for everyone else…”-  Chapter 9, Advice

There is no shortage of people telling you ” it’s a tough business!” But they don’t always tell us why. People in “the biz” are content to leave actors in a state of constant insecurity. How many times have you heard an earnest; “Let me help you with this…” ?

“…dealing with “rejection” is about the near impossible task of learning how to not take personally the rejection of your person. Unless you consider that’s not what they’re rejecting at all…”-  Chapter 1, The Beginning

Most acting books are written by non-actors. They are written by people who work in the business and witness what we do, but never actually stand in our shoes. Actors are competitive, they don’t want to share any information that might make your rise to the top happen faster than theirs.

“What do you control in an Audition?’ You can control only three things…”-  Chapter 8, Auditioning

OLBA talks artist to artist. It says simply, “Please learn from my mistakes and experience.” The goal is to deepen your understanding of “the biz ” so the biz doesn’t overwhelm you. We waste too much energy trying to figure out where we belong and what to do when we get there. We put ourselves through too much anxiety by trying to figure out “what they want.” Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you knew? You can.

“Here is something you don’t know; casting directors need to impress the Director or Producer as much as you do. “-  Chapter 6, Casting Directors

This book offers actors a way to honestly gauge their progress and know their value in any situation they encounter. It’s an encouraging answer to the many negative acting books that lay out just how impossible the journey is. Anyone can tell you to “go to class, get an agent, get an audition, get famous!” This book explains how to stay sane, and remain clear on what everything that comes your way means.
Buy the book here!

Buy the book here!

You know how people say: “Gee I wish this book was around when I was younger?” Well–this is THAT book. There is none like it. Markus loves actors and it is revealed on every page of this book.–Jeffery Tambor

Simply a wonderful book! As far as dealing with rejection this book is a must read- Jerry Hall

“One Less Bitter Actor: The Actor’s Survival Guide is the best book on the current market, essential reading for students and professionals alike…”  –John Gallagher-National Board of Review


Save yourself five years of learning the hard way and read this book. If I could I’d make it required reading for everyone who dreams to be, was or is a member of Screen Actors Guild. -Melissa Gilbert -SAG President 2000-2004


The book is brilliant. It is like a college for film and television actors. I spent 11 years learning all the things that he has written down in his book. Trial by fire for me. Now there is One Less Bitter Actor for everyone else. Austin Nichols-One Tree Hill


Really well written. It’s the scope of understanding this book has that makes it invaluable for any actor.–Keli Lee, Executive Vice President of Casting for ABC TV


Markus demystifies the rigors of “making it” in Hollywood and delivers tried and true advice for dealing with the obstacles actors face in the auditioning process and on the set. Essential reading for every actor on their way up.-Doug Savant- Desperate Housewives


One Less Bitter Actor puts down in writing every good habit every actor should have. I have seen bitterness sour the best of them. It might also be titled “one much better actor” because if you take this book to heart you’re sure to put your best work out.–Denise Chamian, Casting Director-Saving Private Ryan, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3.


I have been a professional actor for over 20 years. This book re-inspired me as an artist – to be all that I can be and leave the bull#$%& behind.  Markus writes clearly and concisely with great humor and compassion for his fellow actors.  This book is  a must for every actor who wants to stay human and sane in this industry.–Molly Hagan


Markus Flanagan has pulled back the curtain on the process, changing the equation for actors breaking into the business. His insights are keen and his wisdom inspirational.–Karen Kehela Sherwood, Co-chairman, Imagine Films.
If you find yourself complaining a lot about the pursuit of your acting dream, this is a good cleanser for your mindset. – Sheridan Thomas-Tufts Univ.


I consider “One Less Bitter Actor” to be the bible to any one pursuing a career in drama.  --Melissa Brodsky- Career Development-NYU


This is, in short, the best book I’ve ever read on how to succeed as a working actor.
–Robin Russin, Professor Theatre dept. UC Riverside.


“For the first time I feel like I have a tool (besides prayer) to combat the fear, and depression that rejection sometimes brings.” Cherie P- actress

I have read a few books on the subject of acting and your book is the only one I needed. It is so truthful and “Down to Earth”. I think I will carry it with me everywhere I go and try to keep everything in my head during auditions.–Gail G

Thanks for the great, superbly-written, and badly needed book.- Dan T. NYC

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